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Remix is a full stack web framework that lets you focus on the user interface and work back through web standards to deliver a fast, slick, and resilient user experience.

UI Components Handbook

The definitive guide to standardize the design/code of the UI Components based on the 39 most popular Reference Systems.

Effect TS

A fully-fledged functional effect system for TypeScript with a rich standard library

Queueing - An Interactive Guide

See visual and interactive examples that explain the how and why we need queues.

Maggie Appleton's Digital Garden

Designer, anthropologist, and mediocre developer. Maggie has a robust and thoughtfully designed digital garden

Act - Run Github Actions Locally

Run your Github actions locally without having to struggle through the commit, push, go to Github loop.


A free, open source, and self hostable map of the world

A Complete Guide To Check Data Types In JavaScript

Learn the easiest way to check and compare data types in JavaScript

Smartphone Addiction Fix with Two Phones

Fix smartphone addiction with a cocaine phone and a kale phone

The Developer Experience Book

Learn how to create exceptional developer products without friction.

Systems Design at Scale

Learn how to design systems at scale

TS Docs

Browse type documentation for npm packages


A distributed SQLite replicator built on NATS


A cross-platform native runtime for web apps.


Connect, collaborate, and grow with a community of TypeScript developers. Elevate your skills through interactive coding challenges, discussions, and knowledge sharing

Docker Rollout

Zero downtime deployments with a simple command to replace in your deployment scripts

Delicious Donut Components

Learn about React Server Component patterns to that allow you to use Server Components inside of Client Components.


An open-source database designed as a spiritual successor to SQL and the relational paradigm.

Easy Frontend

Great visual tool to give you a starting point for your Tailwind or Bootstrap based components

useState vs useReducer

A simple guide with suggestions on when to use state or reducer hooks

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The true story of Jim Williams, an antiques dealer on trial for the shooting death of Danny Hansford, and the characters that inhabit Savannah Georgia.

Level Up Your CSS Skills with the :has Selector

In depth guide on the :has selector

Mobile UI Design Components

A collection of web components for mobile oriented design systems

Building a better web, together Guidance to build modern web experiences that work on any browser.

Kirby in Typescript

Kirby like Platformer Game made with TypeScript + Kaboom.js

Architecture Notes

Learn about the systems you use everyday from the engineers who built them

Box Shadow Generator

Generate smooth box shadows with an intuitive UI that generates CSS for you.

Shader Gradient

Create animated shader gradients

A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden

A newly revived philosophy for publishing personal knowledge on the web

Tailwind and Open Props Transitions

Use Open Props Springy CSS Transitions in your Tailwind project with custom classes.

Threlte: Three.js + Svelte

Threlte lets you use every feature of Three.js in a declarative way. Compose your scene with Threlte's render components and let Threlte handle the rest.

Shadcn/ui Color Generator

Generate configuration files for shadcn/ui


Serveless data platform services for Redis, Kafka, and QStash

Conscious Culture

Building workspaces based on on purpose

The Art of Possibility

It explores the remarkable effects of an open mentality and being prepared to seize opportunities, allowing a variety of possibilities into your life, and finding solutions to problems by being a hopeful person.

Simple React Typescript Cheatsheet

Github Repo with quick references on how to use Typescript with React in 2023

Animated UI Components for React & Tailwind

Shadcn Landing Pages

Build your React landing page effortlessly with the required sections to your project.

The Secret History

Under the influence of a charismatic classics professor, a group of clever, eccentric misfits at a New England college discover a way of thought and life a world away from their banal contemporaries. But their search for the transcendent leads them down a dangerous path, beyond human constructs of morality.


Turborepo is a high-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript codebases.

The Blade Itself

Murder and conspiracy follow our three main characters in the first book from the First Law series.

The modern JavaScript tutorial. How it's done now. From the basics to advanced topics with simple, but detailed explanations.

Relational Databases Explained

How Relational Databases Work. This post talks about how indexes and transactions work on the inside of relational databases.

Icon Buddy

Huge collection of SVG icons

UseInterval as a Custom Hook

Dan Abramov teaches how to combine useRef() and useEffect() to create a new useInterval() hook

Text Reveal Scroll Driven Animations

Use CSS to show text highlighting and animations on vertical scroll

Design of Everyday Things

Even the smartest among us can feel inept as we fail to figure out which light switch or oven burner to turn on, or whether to push, pull, or slide a door. The fault lies in product design that ignore the needs of users and the principles of cognitive psychology. A bestseller in the United States, this bible on the cognitive aspects of design contains examples of both good and bad design and simple rules that designers can use to improve the usability of objects as diverse as cars, computers, doors, and telephones.

CSS Anchor Positioning Tool

Visually see the values of the CSS Anchoring Position "inset-area" property

WireIt - An NPM scripts upgrade

Provides an enhances experience for NPM scripts including parallel runs, local caching, and workspace support.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Not even twenty-five years old, Sam and Sadie are brilliant, successful, and rich, but these qualities won't protect them from their own creative ambitions or the betrayals of their hearts.

Use Cases for Typescript Extract Function

Extract is a powerful built in function for Typescript. Learn some useful pattersn and examples of how to use it.

Tiny Stack

A web stack of Astro, SQLite, and Litestream

Redis Explained

A deep technical dive into all things Redis. Covering various Redis topologies, data persistence and process forking.

Invisible Details of Interaction Design

A thorough and thoughtful piece on how good design feels natural and why the underlying physical metaphors are important.

Design Systems Surf

Browse different design systems

Sea of Tranquility

A novel of time travel and metaphysics that precisely captures the reality of our current moment

Leveling up Your APIs with Typescript

Learnings on how you can leverage Typescript to get the most out of your API projects.

Generate Vector Art with AI

React Server Components Lessons Learned

Learn how and why the the Mux team transitioned to using React Server Components

The Goldfinch

The story of a 13 year old boy who survives a terrorist attack at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that kills his mother and results in him coming into possession of Carel Fabritius's painting The Goldfinch.

Local-First Web Development

A community resource providing education and tooling for local first web development.

Open Props

Super charged CSS variables to add to any project

Cloud Cuckoo Land

A soaring story about children on the cusp of adulthood in worlds in peril, who find resilience, hope, and a book

Cache Control Cheatsheet

A quick and easy to understand guide on the various cache-control values


All-in-one video editor for everyone to create anything anywhere

Typescript Style Guide

An opinionated and well reasoned guide to working with Typescript

Light Bringer

The Reaper is a legend, more myth than man: the savior of worlds, the leader of the Rising, the breaker of chains. But the Reaper is also Darrow, born of the red soil of Mars: a husband, a father, a friend. The worlds once needed the Reaper. But now they need Darrow. Because after the dark age will come a new age: of light, of victory, of hope.


A five-time Moth GrandSLAM winner and bestselling novelist shows how to tell a great story -- and why doing so matters


A FOSS alternative to Postman and Insomnia for API client testing


An open source tool that makes Chrome Extension development faster than ever before.

Component Driven User Interfaces

The development and design practice of building user interfaces with modular components. UIs are built from the “bottom up” starting with basic components then progressively combined to assemble screens.


High performance sync for multiplayer web apps

Tina - The Markdown CMS

A fully open-source headless CMS that supports Git

Designing APIs for Humans

A four part guide on how to design APIs that prioritize the human writing software to consume the APIs

React State Strategies

A quick flowchart on which state strategy to use in React

Merge Refs in React

Merge refs in React so a component can have more than one ref

React Libraries

A comprehensive, opinionated list of React Libraries, broken down by domain and function.


Managed hosting for PocketBase instances

Post Playa Decompression Guide

A well crafted guide on when to make big life decisions after a life changing event.


A frontend swiss army knife: - convert svg → jsx and back - compress svg - generate fake json - keyboard event codes - generate colour shades & gradients - + more

How to Learn SQL

Several resources and guides on how to learn and practice SQL

The Mountain in the Sea

The octopuses hold the key to unprecedented breakthroughs in extrahuman intelligence. As Dr. Nguyen struggles to communicate with the newly discovered species, forces larger than DIANIMA close in to seize the octopuses for themselves.

Super simple, yet lovely timezone converter

Julian Lehr's DIgital Garden

Thoughts on interaction and digital design from Julian Lehr

Type-safe polymorphic React components

Instructive guide on how to setup polymorphic and type safe React components


Guide on how to make user and developer friendly unique IDs

JS Benchmark tool

Animations on the Web

Learn how to craft animations that make people feel something. It's for those that like my style of animations and/or anyone aspiring to improve their skills. This course contains everything I know about motion on the web.

The Anatomy of Story

Truby shows how to create that story, focusing on plot and premise, theme, characters, moral development, and crafting the kind of ending that brings readers and audiences back again and again.

Sticky Scroll Slide in a Container

A demo on how to use containers to make your sticky elements work more naturally.

Hell Bent

Find a gateway to the underworld. Steal a soul out of hell. A simple plan, except people who make this particular journey rarely come back. But Galaxy “Alex” Stern is determined to break Darlington out of purgatory—even if it costs her a future at Lethe and at Yale. Book 2 of Alex Stern series

Comedy Book

A sharp, loving, well written exploration and analysis of the art form that makes us smile, helps us relate, and is perpetually mysterious

A next generation CDN and edge content platform

React Marquee Component

A nice Marquee Component that can be copy pasted in a la shadcn/ui

The Anthropocene Reviewed

John Green reviews different facets of the human-centered planet—from the QWERTY keyboard and Staphylococcus aureus to the Taco Bell breakfast menu—on a five-star scale

Adapting Typography to User Preferences with CSS

A method to adapt a font to your users' preferences, so they're maximally comfortable reading your content.


Build modern full-stack applications on AWS

Logo Diffusion

Create unique & custom logos without relying on stock designs. Unleash A.I’s power to control every aspect of your logo design process.

Frontend at Scale

Articles, talks, and case studies about working on large scale frontend applications

Gathering Structures

A succint guide on how to create meaningful gatherings, from meetups and clubs, to non-conferences

Learn Testing

A comprehensive guide to getting started with testing your web apps

MacOS Defaults Commands

A list of MacOS defaults commands to update user preferences and application functionality

Authentication in Remix

Learn how to properly add authentication to your Remix App

Legend State

A super fast and powerful state library that enables fine-grained reactivity and easy automatic persistence


The standard sync layer for local-first apps. Build reactive, realtime, local-first apps directly on Postgres.

Looping in Typescript

Quick guide on how to use loops in Typescript

Total Typescript

Educational content for Typescript

Multi-layered calendars

Traveling through time in three dimensions. A thoughtful dissection of time keeping devices and how we use them.

Halo Theme A Capella

For those of us that can't get enough of that title screen music is a free book on design patterns and component patterns for building powerful web apps with vanilla JavaScript and React.

View transitions: Handling aspect ratio changes

Learn how to manage aspect ratio changes within your view transitions


Markdown for the component era. Built to mix traditional Markdown with JSX for rich interactive experiences.

What's Our Problem

This book provides an entirely new framework and language for thinking and talking about today’s complex world. Instead of focusing on the usual left-center-right horizontal political axis, which is all about what we think, the book introduces a vertical axis that explores how we think, as individuals and as groups.

The open source Background Jobs framework for TypeScript

Aceternity Ui

Copy paste components with lots of nice visual effects


Easily find and remove old and heavy node_modules folders

Demon Copperhead

The story of a boy born to a teenaged single mother in a single-wide trailer, with no assets beyond his dead father’s good looks and copper-colored hair, a caustic wit, and a fierce talent for survival. In a plot that never pauses for breath, relayed in his own unsparing voice, he braves the modern perils of foster care, child labor, derelict schools, athletic success, addiction, disastrous loves, and crushing losses. Through all of it, he reckons with his own invisibility in a popular culture where even the superheroes have abandoned rural people in favor of cities.

Notion-like tables in shadcn/ui

Updated the shadcn table component with notion like filter, and floating bar. All states are persisted on the url

Create SVG Sprites in React

Learn how and why creating SVG sprites in React is the way to go

Robin Wieruch

Valuable learning resources for React, Node, and GraphQL

View Transition Drag and Drop

Codepen demo of View Transition API used for a drag and drop with no JS needed

Story Genius

How to use brain science to go beyond outlining and write a riveting novel (before you waste three years writing 327 pages that go nowhere)

Living in Partnership Resources

A curated list of modern living solutions

Effective Engineering Teams

a write-up on effective teams based on Google's Project Aristotle

Remove Background Bulk Tool

Simple single use tool to bulk remove backgrounds from images

Transform Union to Records

How to transform a Typescript Union to a Record. Useful for library devs

Use the Index Luke

A guide to database performance for developers

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine delivers reliable, useful, but most importantly practical articles to web designers and developers.

Tab Controls with CSS :has

You can create these tab controls with CSS :has() + radio buttons


A client-side sync framework for building realtime, collaborative, local-first web apps.

Color Designer

A collection of tools to help you design your color palettes - Code Images

A simple tool to create beautiful images for your code

Design Patterns Catalog

Proven patterns to design trustworthy digital services

All of the wonderful products from the minds of Hank and John Greene

Playroom Kit

Playroom Kit is a high-performance sync that handles the networking and the room management so you can focus on building your game.

The Glass Hotel

The Glass Hotel follows the aftermath of a disturbing graffiti incident at a hotel on Vancouver Island and the collapse of an international Ponzi scheme.

Checklist Design

A collection of the best design practices in convenient checklists to use as you build.

Image Background Removal

A local LLM Hugging Face model to remove backgrounds from images.